Unlimited Laser Hair Removal for One Year



Since hair grows in different growth cycles, laser will work best during the anagen phase or “growing phase,” therefore multiple treatments are necessary at regular spaced intervals. For maximum results it is necessary to follow the recommended treatment schedule that will be provided by our laser technicians during your initial consultation. We urge you to pre-book all appointments well ahead of time in order to fulfill the required sessions.

Laser hair removal is unsafe to perform on skin that has been exposed to the sun.  The laser technician has the right to refuse treatment if they feel that you’ve been exposed to the natural sun or tanning lamps. The unlimited 1-year promotion cannot be extended if you choose to tan the affected areas during your treatment program.

Please be advised that 8 treatments can be generally performed annually if equally spaced 6 weeks apart, but this will depend on the area being treated and will be discussed during your initial consultation.

We will not continue your treatment if you are trying to conceive or get pregnant during the unlimited term and we cannot refund partial usage. Purchase now, we will sell out!

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