Laser Hair Removal Prices


We work hard to provide you with the absolute best in Laser Hair Removal Services at a very affordable price! We also like to be as transparent as possible when it comes Laser Hair Removal.

Please keep in mind not all Laser Hair Removal devices are created equal. We have had many clients come into visit us after treatments at other clinics were not effective for them. We offer only the best that technology has to offer and we can treat all skin types safely.

Per the FDA we can only use the term “permanent hair reduction” for any hair removal system approved in the USA.  So be catious of any company guaranteeing “Never Shave Again” or “Permanent Hair Removal”. We have clients that have seen on average 60% to 75% Hair Reduction after 6 treatments and clients have seen around 90% and more Hair Reduction of 8 or more treatments.



Price Match Guarantee- The Absolute Best Prices on Laser Hair Removal in Northern Colorado

From time to time, you may see a competitive center in the area advertise specials.

In such rare instances, simply get a written quote with a detailed description of the services (including any guarantees being offered, the number of treatments being offered and the types of treatments being offered) and bring it to the attention of our staff.

We will match “Apples to Apples”… it’s our way of assuring you that you get the very best treatments at the very best price!


Stop shaving, waxing, and tweezing today! Call the laser hair removal specialists at Beso Hair Skin Laser in Greeley, CO at (970) 573-5485

We are one of the few Laser Hair Removal Clinics that will publicly post treatment prices. We have something for every budget. You can save if you pre pay for your packages (the more sessions you buy upfront the more you save) or if you are someone that likes to pay as you go, well you can do that too. You are the client, so you decide.

After 8 sessions with us if you feel that you need more treatments, you will pay 60% Off the Single Session price forever!