How to Choose the Best Permanent Makeup Artist in Greeley


Selecting the perfect permanent makeup artist can be a little nerve wrecking. It can also get a little overwhelming on who to pick since there are so many choice out here in Northern Colorado. One thing we will suggest is, DO NOT SETTLE. You may get a little anxious and impatient because you really want to get permanent makeup done. There are tons of permanent makeup artists out there to choose from, but make sure you go with one that meets the following:

*Look for Certifications

You should not consider anyone who is not certified to perform this kind of work. The word ‘permanent’ is included in the title of this treatment for a reason, it would be wise to make sure anyone who will be working on your skin is qualified to do so. Ask to see their certifications, and make sure they are current on the latest techniques in this field. Don’t worry about being rude by asking such questions – if someone has a problem answering these questions, they probably aren’t qualified to perform this procedure.

Do know that in the City of Greeley, in order to properly perform Tatoo Services the company needs to follow part of the Weld County Code Ordinance created on October 14, 2002.

In January of 2003, the Environmental Health Services division instituted annual licensing and inspections of all tattoo and body piercing facilities, including permanent makeup studios.  This does not include practices conducted under the supervision of a physician licensed to practice medicine under Colorado law. Inspections are performed annually with follow-up inspections conducted on an as-needed basis.   Investigations are also conducted in response to complaints, reports of suspected disease, construction and remodel activities, fire, etc.

Ask About Experience

Speaking of asking questions, you also want to know how long a particular makeup artist has been working in the permanent field.

Beso in Greeley has two technicians here. Olga performs permanent makeup and  Terrie specializes in mircoblading. So if you are wanting to wake up with out makeup give us a call. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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