MYTH: Shaving doesn't make your hair grow faster...

What Is Dermaplaning and why you should have it done by a certified Esthetician.

Contrary to popular belief, the hair you shave off does not grow back thicker or darker. Facial hairs cannot get thicker or darker; they’re naturally soft and silky. Think of dermaplaning as providing a deeper exfoliation than you would get from your grain scrub or AHA exfoliator.

Dermaplaning removes the baby hairs on your face, which allows your beauty products to sink in deeper and faster. Your makeup will also go on smoother.

When it comes to ways to reduce wrinkles, women have tried everything. Dermaplaning is based on the theory that men who shave their face to remove stubble develop fewer facial wrinkles than women, who don’t shave their face.

Most individuals who are interested in skin care understand how important it is to exfoliate their skin on a regular basis. When the right exfoliation method is used, an individual can be sure that their skin will be as healthy as itpossibly can be. Different forms of exfoliation can be utilized to help individuals who have rough, uneven, and dry skin. It can be overwhelming when deciding which treatment is best for you. If you are sick and tired of dead skin cells, peach fuzz, or an overall dull skin complexion, you may want to consider dermaplaning.

One of the very best ways to exfoliate your skin is with dermaplaning. During this treatment, our skilled and trained technician very gently uses a special scalpel to remove the top layers of your skin.

This is a treatment that is done in a very gentle way. It provides benefits that are not available with other exfoliation treatments. For example, it does not use any kind of harsh chemicals. So, individuals who have chemical sensitivities or who are pregnant may benefit from this treatment.

Another benefit that you can receive from the dermaplaning treatment is the fact that when the treatment is used, unwanted hair and peach fuzz is removed from your face. This is not something that happens with other exfoliation treatments. So, your skin is left really smooth and soft. You will notice that your makeup applies in a very even and soft way. And you don’t have to worry about the hair or peach fuzz growing back in thicker or darker. It will return just the way it was before the dermaplaning treatment. 

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